Team Dogs.

Osko was the very first Dog>Gone Flyball dog! He came into my life when he was 5 years old and I knew he needed a job. We started flyball with Mike Pape and the Ketch team in Tampa and ran with them for a year. When I had enough dogs trained for our own team, Osko was the only experienced dog running with five green dogs - that meant he got a lot of 1 & 5 point runs in his career, but he was still the # 38 GSD of all time when he had to retire!

This German Shepherd was made to do flyball; he loved his tennis balls and his tug and would run forever. Many new dogs on our team learned to pass with this super-dependable dog! At his first tournament a JRT latched on to Osko’s tail on the runback and Osko never faltered, just came on back for his tug. We even have a picture of him hip-checking a big lab from another team who crossed over to our box and tried to take Osko's tennis ball; Osko just blocked the dog and continued his run! Talk about focus! His only fault was not wanting to release his tug toy to run again!

Little did I know what I had when Noel Coward placed Osko with me. He taught me what it’s like to work with a really high-drive dog  and I loved every minute of it!




Obedience: CD

Misc: CGC

German Shepherd Dog

Handler: Nancy Murphy

#3 German Shepherd Dog in NAFA Region 11
#280 in NAFA Region 11