Team Dogs.


Toy Australian Shepherd

Handler: Darlene Tschiember

Lucy was the second rescue that I adopted on 12/11/2006. The same co-worker that had Bolo had gotten this little toy Aussie from Animal Services. And she too had been picked up as a stray roaming the streets of Manatee County. My co-worker asked if I could foster her for a while after she was spayed since she needed a quiet environment to recover. Enter ‘foster-failure’, we put her in the crate in the living room for a few days and when she started to get restless in her crate, I let her out. And that’s when she decided that she was in her forever home.


Lucy is still a little ‘nervous-nellie’ and in between working on obedience, agility and flyball, she is the best little cheerleader for her brothers, Rascal and Bolo. She has also gotten very good at ‘mooching’ treats from people. If she hears you open your cooler or rattle a plastic bag, she’ll run over to you, sit down and bat those big, soulful eyes at you until you melt and give her a treat.


I Love Lucy!