Dog>Gone Flyball team members are now teaching various flyball classes for SOTC
at their building. We are offering a Flyball Apptitude class for dogs and handlers
interested in trying out this sport and a Box Turns class. Flyball 1, Flyball 2 and
Flyball 3 classes are also offered. We are also offering Skills Classes for experienced
flyball dogs needing work on various specialized behaviors.

Costs and registration forms for SOTC flyball classes are available thru its website -

You may also check with Stacy Groff, the flyball registrar, at
to check for available class spaces.

Dog>Gone is thrilled to support flyball in our area by helping the SOTC team get ready
to compete.
Team Dogs.
Upcoming Tournaments.
the Captain.
Dog>Gone History in Photos.

Previous Flyball I Class - Six of these dogs are now title holders in Flyball!

Most Recent Flyball I Class

Most Recent Flyball II Class